Demo 2014

by Overpower

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This is our first demo.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Bage at Studio Gradge, September 12-19 2014


released September 19, 2014

Overpower 2014
Heath - Rhythm Guitars
Dave - Bass
Mikey - Vox
Bage - Drums & Lead Guitar



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Overpower Melbourne, Australia

Crossover Thrash/Death Mosh from Melbourne, Australia

New single Endless Suffering out now on 10-54 Records

McCracken - Vox
Bongo - Guitar
Rondre3000 - Bass
Dyl - Guitar
Krum - Drums
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Track Name: Intro

Gotta overpower before I "blkout"
you won't take me.
Track Name: Alone

Spent years trying to find my place, what I've found is nothing

Never felt like I fit in, never felt I was something

Always felt alone in my skin, never felt an understandin

Feeling crazy, feeling bent, loved by many, but still so empty

Loneliness and isolation,
my two best friends

You can tell me that you get it, but I know you're lyin

Putting up this wall again
I'll never let you in my friend

Cause I couldn't live with myself
if you saw inside my head.

So don't knock on my door
Don't ask me how I'm feelin
cause I promise you
I'll never tell you the truth

never tell you the truth

So don't knock on my door
Don't ask me how I'm feelin
cause I promise you
I'll never tell you the truth

until the end
I'll never find
my place, stranded.

never find my place
Track Name: Misery Possessed

FORCED, trapped inside my head,
help me, I feel so fucking spent
this weight I feel inside my chest
it's like I have been possessed.

misery possessed

You say that it's for the best
You say the anxiety is just not there
but you don't see the war inside of me
cause inside I am fucking dying

tear out my own eyes,
cut myself with knives,
kill myself in my mind

I wish just once things would go my way, but no.

I ain't ever gunna break free
these chains around my throat
I can't get back up, I always choke


Take my sadness, cleanse my soul
remove the pain I wish I didn't know.

misery filled heart.
Track Name: I Wrote A Song About You O.C, I Hope You Fucking Hate It.

You turned the world cold, you opened up this black hole
in my fucking CHEST

This emptiness I wish you could feel it.

So you could know how I feel, every fucking day. Paranoia and loneliness build as my chest starts to cave.
I begin to question all that I am

am I worth anything?

then you changed like the wind, you became everything you said you hated. (Ego trip)

You aren't the person I once knew, your puny fucking brain couldnt grasp what you've put me through.
I've built the thickest fucking walls, stay away from me.

You make me fucking sick.

every night I lay awake, you sleep,

wrapped in your ego filled blanket.

you fucking shallow, piece of shit.

And all you care for is yourself, stuck up, you're the love of your own life.

it's made my hate for you burn brighter than what my love once did

I'd rather kill myself than look you in the eye ever again, I won't extend a hand,

not until hell freezes over, you'll dig your own grave, and lie in it, six feet under

but I don't hope you die I just hope you suffer through a long and lonely life.

fucking suffer
I'm moving on.